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  • Do you have queen plans?

Yes. You will need to email me before I will sell them to you. A queen bed is much heavier and more difficult to put away than a double.  I do have plans for a horizontal queen bed, and a few have already been built.  If you want Queen plans you must email me first.

  • Can I build the bed with smaller shelves?

The design is fully customizable. you can build the bed without shelves, more narrow shelves or maybe even just one shelf bank. 

  • Do I need special skills to build this bed?

If you can read a tape measure and know how to run a circular saw, you will be able to build this bed. If you think it may be too difficult, there is probably someone who is just waiting for to ask them for help!

  • How long will it take to build?

Tough question to answer. But you should be able to get it together in a weekend, minus the time it takes to add the finish (paint/stain/etc.) to the bed. I will say, pre-finishing your plywood saves a lot of time!

  • Can I change the design?

yup. Keep the fundamental dimensions (ie pivot point location, support arm length) constant and you could do whatever you want. It's your project to make your own.

  • Can I have the plans for free?

I have spent a great deal of time and money to come up with this design. I am happy to share it with those who are interested and love to see projects that have been completed. I often donate money from the sales of these plans to support my favourite youtube channels (including my own) or use the money to try other projects. I don't like to saying no, but no, you can't have them for free.

  • Do you sell plan other than the hidden bed desk?

YES! I have lots of interesting woodworking project plans to buy. check out the shop to see what I have to offer! I set this site up hopin in could start selling plans for woodworking projects

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